What is MEDICS

MEDICS (Medical Education in Data Interpretation Curricula in Statistics) aims to ensure a fundamental level of statistical thinking for every medical student in the United States. Ultimately, we want to educate future physicians-to-be at the medical school level so that we can create a medical workforce that can correctly understand basic health statistics and appropriately communicate available evidence to patients so that together, they can make the best possible decisions for the best possible outcomes.


In our increasingly data-driven world where facts are often misrepresented, the need to combat widespread statistical illiteracy is paramount. In the medical field, particularly, as was demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to correctly communicate medical research to patients is ever important. The hope of MEDICS is to create a highly statistically literate future physician workforce to correctly communicate medical research beginning at the medical student level.


We aim to achieve our vision by providing accessible materials and an educational community that aims to enhance core statistical knowledge and communication competencies.

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About the Founder


Lathan is an incoming medical student at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He received his Masters from the University of Cambridge and BA from Pomona College. Prior to medical school, he worked as a data scientist at Merck and the University of Cambridge. His lifelong aspiration is to advance the intersection between data science, medicine, and health advocacy. For more info, check out his website.

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